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Libby Wilkie

Pam: I saw earlier today that you follow me on Bloglovin…so I came over to visit you and see you have an entirely new blog!!!! Fabulous. I have always loved your color! I can't find an email for you anywhere on the site, thus this comment. But that's wonderful that you will be in a warmer climate, at least part of the year. We're in central N.C. which, although not really warm, is certainly warmer and nicer than the Hudson Valley. We just love it. We love the climate, the way of life and the people.
So, stay in touch and I will subscribe and look forward to your colorful posts~
btw: I too always shunned blue and have recently become a blue person!!! Guest room is about to have a makeover and will be all indigo and white.Front hall orange might have some blue introduced in there in the not too distant future! oxox

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