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Libby Wilkie

I'm totally with you on this: get the finest mesh possible and don't go out there until it's installed! Love the new tiling. And look forward to more!


I got blog update in inbox this morning and came to read your new post now have been reading all your posts I somehow missed! Did you go with the no see um mesh? When we added our screened porch we considered the finer mesh but were told it can cut down on airflow so we went with regular mesh...just curious how it all turned out!

Be Colorful Coastal

We did use the noseeum mesh and I can't say that I can tell a difference other than there is less visibility through the screen at night. I was in the water quite a bit last month and definitely was still getting sun so it may offer a bit more UV protection but getting a little color is definitely happening. I still ended up with a couple bites but I can't be sure if they happened on the lanai or while we were at the beach. I would do it again. The cost difference wasn't too bad and I am obviously sweet meat for those little suckers. I remember when we looked at new construction homes and so many didn't have a cage. They looked beautiful but we love cocktails by the pool at night so I'm just grateful for any screened protection. Mike and I are back and forth because of family up north but one of these days we need to connect. 😎. Thanks for swinging by. As for you, you have been an artistic machine lately. So impressive. I need to find my creative space down here. Maybe when we get through the remodel. 🙄

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