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Nancy Roland

This is such a beautiful post and tribute to your beautiful Crew. Pam, you need to put this on paper and make him a little book for his second birthday. He is a lucky guy to have such a fabulous MImi.❤


Love love love -- what a lucky boy and the most wonderfully honest and genuine love letter to a grandchild. I think parents fall in love too -- I remember saying to Page in the first days "we're just getting to know each other". :) yes the conversations are
More interrupted but I agree the worlds a better place with him in it. 😘 Thanks for being such an awesome example of motherhood and the best Mimi!


So beautiful, honest and thoughtful. xo

ps - you look gorgeous, btw. a hot mimi to be sure. ;)


This came at a perfect time. As I read it I thought, she gets me, she gets where I'm at! Sigh....As I approach being a Mimi (my daughters due in April) I'm not sure how I'm feeling. Sure I'm excited, but you're right, it doesn't seem real yet and am I even old enough to be a grandmother? Lol! Ok, chronologically yes, but in my head I'm maybe in my 30's! So I'm glad to know all this "stuff" goes away, that we fall in love, that I'm not crazy! (Okay I'm an artist so maybe a little 😜) thanks for always being real! Transparent and honest! ❤️❤️

Be Colorful Coastal

Thanks Mary. I was so happy to hear from you. I read this a couple of days ago on my phone but I am just now getting around to responding. It's all going to be great. I wondered if some people, including my daughter, might be put off by my confessions but I am beginning to think it is a feeling all Mimis, Grammys or Gigis go through. Stay in touch.

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