Personalized Art; My Very Own Spirit Woman


Isn't she lovely?



Spirt woman straight. on full




She is a Spirit Woman, created for me by a tremendously talented artist that I am proud to call my friend. She, has been making these Spirit Women, aka Warrior Women, for several years but recently she has started showcasing them in a shadowbox frame that elevated the whole design. I love that she painted the background of mine in my favorite shade of coral. She obviously knows me well.


Spirit woman camera




Each custom piece is created with a lot of thought about the woman it represents. I think, Sally nailed this one with the colorful clothing and the feathered hat, which are perhaps a nod to my fondness for fashion. Then, always encouraging me in my own creative endeavors, she added the camera to my Spirit Woman to acknowledge my new-found love of photography.





Spirit woman second



The attention to detail is incredible.

It is perfect, right down to her signature.



Spirit woman signature


You want one for yourself?

You can contact her here.



Traveling Door Girls and my Spirit Woman (1)


@Nazette Designs



These Spirit/Warrior Women would also make a cherished gift for a Mom, daughter, sister, or friend. They could be especially meaningful for someone who has achieved an important goal or has fought back against life's challenges. Whatever their story, Nazette Designs can create an artistic and personal gift that will be treasured for years.


Spirit woman at angle




Spirit woman retake














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