What A Difference Custom Framing Can Make

I just picked these up and I am beyond thrilled.

They are even more fun than I had ever imagined.


Crew swim trunks straight on (2)


Custom framing p 1 (1)



Greer's swimsuit





The bathrooms aren't completed yet but we have made some progress...

The tile work is finished,

Adam's bath tile



but supply chain issues and worker shortages are a real thing.


As a result, we are still waiting on a different glass door for one of the showers,




and I am still trying to make a decision on lighting.


Custom framing p2

The last time they were here my two grandbabies wore these swimsuits and I thought framing them would be a fun way to remember their visit.


Crew and greer in swimsuits


Crew swim trunks straight on




Originally, I considered going to a craft store and buying a white shadowbox frame. That would definitely have been more budget-friendly, but I wouldn't have gotten the same result. Because I plan on keeping these framed pieces for quite some time, I was willing to spend a bit more to get that custom look.


I work exclusively with Aldecor Custom Framing here in Naples, Florida. They have unexpected ideas and they know how to make the frame compliment the piece.


Here is a tea towel they framed for me a couple of years ago.





Custom frames p3



Living room artwork (2)


I love how this lacquered black frame becomes part of the piece by pulling out the black in the painting.


The textured mat here adds an organic feel to this oil pastel.


Kitchen art piece (1)


And who said frames need to be black, white, or metallic?  Bring on the color!


Blue erbe



When it came to these swimsuits, the first thing the framer did was take measurements of both pieces to determine how much space would look right between the edges of the suits and the frames.


Framing measurements


She asked if I intended to hang them side by side and if I visualized them at the same height or at varying heights. This was important because she was trying to calculate the symmetry of the two framed pieces.  This was tricky because of the different shapes we were dealing with. She wanted them to have similar distances from the edge of the fabric to the edge of the frame and compatible amounts of white space. I would never have thought about that.



Two swimsuits hung




We decided on a classic and clean-lined white frame, and Susan had the idea of covering the inside of the frame with a colored liner. I REALLY wouldn't have thought to do that but it took these wall hangings from ordinary to extraordinary!


Crew's trunks at an angle


Greer's suit from an angle




I also knew that I didn't want the glare that you get off the glass in most mass-produced frames.

This was not the look I was going for.

External-content.duckduckgo (1)



The glass we went with is virtually invisible and you feel like you could just reach right in and touch the fabric. 


Crew swim trunks straight on (1)






Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed? I just ordered some monogrammed towels to coordinate with my wall art and now I'm off to look at lighting. I can hardly wait to see this room all pulled together.

*This is not a paid endorsement for Aldecor Custom Framing 

Painting by Sharon Erbe























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