Designing A Family Room During Supply Chain Challenge




To say designing and furnishing a room in 2022 poses some significant challenges would be putting it mildly.

I expected to deal with longer lead, or wait, times because when the pandemic began there was a major uptick in demand while many factories were shut down or running at a fraction of their normal capacity. Even now, many of them still aren't back to their normal production. Then, add in the supply chain difficulties and most recently some serious increases in fuel surcharges, and you have a perfect shopping storm.



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This isn't the best time to take on this project. but last month we started taking a long hard look at our family room and some of the furniture that came with the house. It was okay back then and we've lived with it for seven years while we made other improvements to our home, but the time has come to update it.


It's looking dingy and droopy




Entertainment center 2022


Chair and amazon ottoman


Family room 2022  toward window (1)



The current arrangement isn't the best for entertaining. When it is too hot outside, it would be nice to be able to comfortably seat more people here. I always thought that the room was too narrow to allow for the sofa to be turned toward the window, but when I tried it with our current sofa, I was surprised and thrilled to see that it was a viable option. So the measuring and planning began.



This is the planned layout.

Floor plan for family room


We are fortunate in Southwest Florida to have a multitude of furniture stores but when I didn't easily find what I was looking for at a price point that made sense, I started thinking about how happy I had been with the sofas I had purchased for our home up north.


Norwalk sofa March 2021 copy


IMG_4776 copy


Norwalk two cushion



Would it be crazy to purchase them again for our Florida home?

I've always loved that Louise sofa and it would pair nicely with this Wesley chair.


Wesley chair


Again, Norwalk lets me choose the cushion firmness at no extra charge, nailhead, and welting options too. We have purchased numerous swivel chairs from this company over the past fifteen years and we have never had any issue with them. 


I thought I had this room all figured out. I knew that the lead time on orders would be long but I was surprised when I was quoted 28 to 35 weeks for delivery from a US manufacturer. That is actually better than a lot of overseas companies but, because there isn't a Norwalk dealer in our area, we would need to have the items drop-shipped to our southern Florida home resulting in a sizeable surcharge for freight and fuel. Since the cost of fuel is so volatile, we were advised that those surcharges could easily double by the time our furniture would be delivered.


Family room p 2

Concerns for ordering furniture



Usually, the furniture hunt is exciting but in this challenging environment, and with price increases coming again on March 1, 2022, it has become a lot more arduous.

But we ventured out again, this time locally. There are so many things to consider: comfort, style, scale, cost, lead time, and for us personally, after hearing from a friend and designer about the odor issue, we knew we wanted a product that was domestically manufactured.


Robb and stucky options (1)


We are still waiting to hear back on pricing and new upholstery options, but I keep pushing forward. The hunt continues. I realize I am fortunate to be able to take on this task but who would have guessed that pulling together a family room would be such a time-consuming and uphill effort?

I think I have earned a cocktail.





















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