This Colorful Dining Room Needed A Neutral Rug



Dining room without rug straight on


This is a room full of bold choices.

A dining room of vibrant colors and ebullient patterns.

But it wasn't always that way.


Dining room rug post p1


This is how the dining room looked the year after we moved in. The furniture had a cherry finish, the cabinetry was painted black, the countertops were brown, and the chandelier was still bronze and hadn't been repurposed to the bathroom. You can read about that here.


Dining room circa 2015


I was thrilled when the furniture came back from the painter and then the chairs from the upholsterer but it left me with a new dilema.

What to do for a rug?

Because the dining room can be seen from both the foyer and the living room, I needed this rug to coordinate well with the rugs in those rooms. I knew I didn't want any more pattern here but a blue or coral rug just seemed to be too much.

So, the room remained sans rug for several years. It was easy to vacuum though. :D

Whenever I shared this room in a post, I typically took my photos at angles that didn't show the lower part of the table so you, dear reader, wouldn't question my bare floors. 



Dining room angle


I thought about a jute or sisal style rug with a coral border but I couldn't find the right shade. They was either too rusty, too orange, or too pink. 

So in the end, I went with something totally neutral because even a color promoter like me knows that sometimes a room needs a visually restful point.



Rug under table


I'm happy with how it is coming together.


I like the contrast between the casual weave of the rug and the sparkle and subdued glam of the chandelier. I am also pleased that this rug doesn't compete with the playfully patterned chairs or other nearby rugs. But most of all I'm happy with how it flows so well with the beachy, plank- wood floors.


IMG_1513 (1)


IMG_1562 2 (1)


I'm currently looking for an old wardrobe or fretwork style cabinet that I can paint and use as a bar cabinet and eventually some artwork for this room, but at least I can cross a dining room rug off of my list of projects for 2022.


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